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Allie planned our whole week of meals out based on our families likes/dislikes and diet... gave recipes, and a detailed grocery list that made me feel like I had my life together while shopping at the grocery store this week! Additionally all the ingredients get used so I don’t have a ton of things left over that go bad in the fridge!!! She is a certified nutritional therapist and I feel so great about feeding my family these recipes! Can NOT recommend her enough. We have LOVED the meals and it has been such a nice treat to have some new quick yummy HEALTHY meals in our rotation!!!

-Amanda h.

I have just completed the RESTART program with Wild Roots Nutrition. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am that I did it! My belly bloat is gone and I feel like a new person in many ways. I’ve learned so much about food....from watching ingredients to how to shop for food to how to cook and also about meal planning! I’m so glad that I made the commitment and stuck with it. Now I’m excited to slowly reintroduce foods into my diet to see what exactly was making me miserable. And I was miserable with gastrointestinal issues. If you’re contemplating this program, I highly recommend you just take the plunge! You won’t regret it!

-diana a.

I was so happy with my meal plan that Allie made for me. Every single meal was delicious, nutritious, and a hit with my kids! It was so nice to have each day planned out and prepped thanks to her prepping plan and grocery list. I never had to scramble last minute to figure out what I was going to cook in the evenings. Breakfast and lunch is always the easiest meal to simply drive through somewhere, so it was such a blessing to have a plan in place for all the meals! And an unplanned and added bonus was that I lost 5 pounds in a single week due to taking extra walks and following the healthy plan! Highly recommend hiring Allie for all your meal planning!

-lindsay l.

My husband and I utilized two different services from Wild Roots Nutrition. We did the Restart sugar detox program and we also signed up for one month of meal planning. We have tried a number of programs through the years, but have not been able to stick with those programs. I think much of the problem was that we weren't knowledgeable about how to select foods once the program was done. Allie spent time explaining how to read labels, words to look for on a menu, the right questions to ask a server or chef and how food effects our bodies and minds.  When we had specific questions for Allie, she would research and get back to us with answers and additional resources we could use to learn more. I was able to reduce medications after the detox and since we signed up for another month of consultation and meal planning, we have the tools to eat well to keep those medicines reduced. The food was wonderful and fresh. And something we could serve to guests who would never know it was "healthy food."

Allie is so well researched, knowledgeable and truly passionate about making sure her clients are successful in feeling better. Since we do not live in TX, Allie utilized video conference, which made it feel like we were getting her personal attention.  We truly loved the services she provided us and will definitely use more services in the future.

-amy p. and clint d.