about allie


Hey there! I'm Allie, and I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner here at Wild Roots Nutrition. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Psychology from Texas Christian University (Go Frogs!), and currently live with my husband Kyle and our pup Max in the Dallas, TX area.

my story

My journey to becoming a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner has been one with many ups and downs, just as any incredible journey is - and I've learned a ton about myself along the way. It's not a quick or easy process, but it is incredibly worth it!

I have dealt with a myriad of health struggles in my life, most of them revolving around my weight and digestion, hypothyroidism, and menstrual struggles. I began my "health" journey with dieting and calorie counting, which lead me down a scary path of restriction, digestive issues like bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, gas, and gallbladder dysfunction (which ultimately lead to me having my gallbladder removed). My weight would fluctuate so much that I was constantly in a state of stress, which exacerbated all of my symptoms even more. I have struggled with anxiety and depression, I struggled with acne, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, my periods were constantly irregular. The doctors I saw had 2 solutions for me, depending on the symptom: medication or surgery. It took me a while to learn that there was a better, cheaper, easier way out.

finding true health

After many years of doing my own research and becoming lost in what I call the Google rabbit hole of not knowing which conflicting information held the correct answer, I was introduced to the simple concept of eating REAL FOOD, listening to my body, and relying on quality ingredients. I learned to rely on fat for healing rather than be afraid of it. I healed my body through nutrient dense, properly prepared, high quality REAL FOOD. I adopted the teachings of Dr. Weston A. Price and began eating a diet my ancestors once knew. And I'm never looking back!

Through the Nutritional Therapy Association, I learned so much about not only my own health, but how our bodies function with the help of proper nutrition, how each of us is completely different and have our own bio-individual needs, and how I can help others get to the root causes of their symptoms to heal from the inside out rather than just putting a band-aid over the symptoms.

While I am still on my own health journey, here's what I know: my digestion has improved immensely (like, A LOT.); I no longer struggle with alternating IBS issues, I rarely become bloated (and if I do, I am able to pinpoint why), my cycle has begun to regulate, I am much more in tune with my anxiety, what causes it and how to help it, and my overall energy has become more steady. All of this is because of nutritional therapy - healing through food and discovering the root cause to my health struggles. AND YOU CAN TOO!

if you struggle with…

  • Bloating or gas after meals

  • Diarrhea, constipation, or alternating between the two

  • Acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion

  • Inability to lose or gain weight and keep it that way

  • Feeling like your energy fluctuates throughout the day - the "afternoon slump," relying on coffee, or feeling "hangry" before meals

  • Hormonal, menstrual or thyroid issues

...then nutritional therapy is right for you!


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