a la carte services


pantry/kitchen clean out - $75

If you are ready to start making healthier choices and change your lifestyle, but are feeling overwhelmed on where to start, let’s start by going through what you already have in your kitchen.

Together, we will cover:

  • Pantry and kitchen essentials for a healthier lifestyle

  • How to read ingredients labels and know what to look for

  • How to organize your pantry in a way that suits your needs

  • Reducing toxins in the kitchen and pantry

grocery store tour - $75

Feeling overwhelmed by the thousands of choices when it comes to grocery shopping, and just not sure where to start? I’ve got you!

We will meet at the grocery store or farmers market, and I will help you navigate the store, learn how to read ingredients labels, choose the best produce, and find the best deals. Learn how to nourish yourself (and your family) comfortably in a way that stays within your budget!

personal in-home cooking class - starting at $75

Want to start your healthy eating journey, but don’t know your way around the kitchen? I’ve got you covered!

With this service, I’ll come to YOUR kitchen, we’ll go over some basics, and cook up a couple dishes of your choosing. I’ll bring the food, but we will utilize what you already have to get you working with your own kitchen.

Want to turn this into a cooking class for you and a few friends? No problem! I can accommodate for up to 8 people (reach out for pricing - this will depend on number of meals and how many people are involved).

clean eating overhaul (bundle) - starting at $175

Ready for a lifestyle change, but feeling lost? That’s where I come in. This service combines the above 3 services, so we’ll start with a pantry/kitchen overhaul, do some planning, head to the grocery store for a tour, then head back to your home for a cooking lesson.